Has anyone else received this email… and think it is as NUTS as I do? The concept completely baffles me.:roll: And Hurry! you can post as many of your inspection reports for free as you want for potential buyers and realtors to see!??

Dear Inspector:
It’s a first!
With great pleasure we announce North America’s first business portal dedicated exclusively to preinspected properties - The portal offers a clear advantage to realtors, inspectors, buyers and sellers, with all information available in one location.
Now you may be asking yourself, “What does that mean to me?” What it means is that now you can:

  • showcase your company to realtors, buyers and sellers
  • network with more realtors and expand your market
  • acquire new clients and grow your business
  • promote yourself locally, regionally or nationally

Of course, there’s more to it – for starters, you can post unlimited inspection reports - at no cost!
In a few words, is the most effective way to expand your horizons. Yet surprisingly, most benefits are yours to enjoy without a fee of any kind.
On behalf of everyone at the company, I thank you for reading this email and look forward to your visit

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I can’t find a single property for sale on their site.

So catching on? NO

When I sent them an email and asked why in the heck I would post a report for others to read…this is the response I got…

[FONT=Calibri]We don’t represent the buyer, seller, realtor or the inspector. We merely offer space to host the information – the posted content is not in our control. It is up to an individual inspector to exercise prudence and good judgment.[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri]The website can be used:[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri] realtors to list preinspected properties[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri] inspectors to submit inspection summaries for preinspected listings (with seller’s consent, of course)[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri] buyers to search for preinspected properties[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri]Hope it helps.[/FONT]


Interesting How the Posted Content is not in their control :roll:

Wait a minute…so I can inspect a house and post the report so the buyer won’t hire me because my report on the property is online. Sounds NOT so good for business.

How exactly does this help me get more inspections again? Seems odd.

I agree with Mike, why would I do this?

We all know about it but how will our potential clients find out about it? Google? Why bother?

If this promotes the idea that it is preferential for real estate agents (or their seller) to purchase pre-inspections to give the house a “leg up” on the market…then it promotes more work for Home Inspectors. Maybe?

Sounds rather straight forward to me…

What don’t you understand?

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I’m going to give my old, out dated home inspections to this company to post on the web? Is that what I’m to understand?

Besides, my reports belong to my clients (seller or buyers) not to some web site. If they want to share the report with the buyer, then that’s their business.

Plus, I’m not excited about pre-inspections. Let’s say I do a seller’s inspection before a buyer is found. I say the foundation looks great. Then a buyer comes along and decides to get a different inspector, because the buyer wants to make sure the seller didn’t hire his buddy to do a sub-par inspection. That inspector says the hair line crack in the foundation is a problem. So the seller comes back to me and says you owe me for the cracked foundation that you missed.