and are LIVE and have arrived. PLI is an information site for home seller, a place where agents can send their clients to learn more about the numerous advantages to pre-listing inspections and find an inspector/book an inspection. PI is an advanced hosting report system and lead generator for both home inspectors and real estate agents.

The use of both sites is completely free to sellers, buyers, inspectors and agents. There are no requirements to belong to any organization or use a home inspection vendor services other than being a licensed home inspector. Inspectors who would like to participate can simply fill out a profile at which will automatically create a vendor account on As an inspection/vendor, you will be able to upload inspection reports and get all details from those who will download them resulting in hot red leads for both inspectors and the agents.

First 3 downloads on are completely free but will need the user to register in order to download the reports. After 3 free downloads, users will need to pay for the extra reports at $19.99. 50% of the download fee will go to the inspector, the remaining will be used to administer the system. The 3 downloads max is designed to prevent home and real estate service and product organizations to get all that information for free and keep the inspectors and agents leads legit.

If the home seller op in to receive repair quotes and home services they will be required to sign an authorization form. A lawn sign stating that the house is pre-inspected will be available to promote the report resulting in even more leads to both inspector and agent. If the owner op out of being contacted by home service companies; their report on will be set to private which can only be access by a direct link that can be promoted on the real estate listing page and agent social media.

PLI and PI is a system by inspectors for inspectors. It is designed to tremendously increase your business and put you in the driver’s seat. We are presently testing the system in the Vancouver Lower Mainland with one of the busiest inspection company in BC and one of the busiest real estate firm. The system is in beta mode, we know we have a lot more work to do and are working full time on it. Any recommendations and ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Please take the time to fill up a profile on Login | Pre-Listing Home Inspection – Seller Inspection and we will contact you directly about your inspector/vendor account on Right now we are fixing a few things on but it should be all done this week and start uploading inspector accounts on it early next week. We will create demo accounts for sellers, buyers, agents and inspectors in the next few days so you can test the system. We will announce the system in a few different groups and forums, it will be very hard to keep track of all the questions so please email us at and we will build a FAQ based on the questions we are getting.

Thank you for your time,

Best regards,

David Asselin

                  P.S. On top of working hard to grow my inspection company, I also run a busy Wall and Ceiling contracting company I can’t be on the social group and forums all day but I’ll do my best to reply to emails quickly. We have a lot of work ahead of us; fixing text, creating marketing material, working on legal documents, adding features etc. but we are ready for the challenge.

David, who owns/operates this?

Is it only for Canada?

Hi, I own and operate it. It’s for North America, I have for Canada, the .com for the US. Please set add your profile on Login | Pre-Listing Home Inspection – Seller Inspection, it’s completely free. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks David. I wasn’t sure. When I click The Inspectorsit shows map of Canada.

Right, I’ll change that now to a north American map. Thanks,


David, let me know if you want me to promote it for you.

Absolutely, Thank you. I’ll send you an email.

I tried to login and sign up using link from email you sent sent me and I get

“404 error” Page Not Found.

Hi Chris, please go to Login | Pre-Listing Home Inspection – Seller Inspection and since you have created an account, login with your login details. Let me know if you have any problems. I’ll look into it right now. Thank you for reporting the issue.



OK.That linked works. Thanks. Can we edit our profile after it’s published?

Absolutely, if you want I’ll add a few pictures to your profile. Go back to login and you should be able to update your profile. I’ll triple check all that and make sure it’s easy to update profiles.

Thank you for creating an account.


That’s why I asked about editing. I can add some photos and a logo and other stuff later when I get time. You’re welcome I’m glad I caught you.

I’m on it.


There is still an issue with this site. After signing in and I click to edit my listing I get

Page Not Found

Thanks, I’m aware of it and will have my programmer on it in the morning. Thanks for reporting it. Have a great Sunday

Great initiative David! Congratulations!


Thank you Gilles, happy to see you setup an account. We need more inspector in Canada, are super interested, will need a lot of inspectors to keep up with these guys.

Here’s a qution for you. If the report is a snapshot in time, how does having a report available for weeks or months affect the inspector’s liability?

Hi Jeffrey, great question. The report is prepared for the seller and your liability is limited to the party for whom you performed the inspection for. On, when someone download a report they have to agree not only when they register but also just before the download that:

This report was prepared for the seller and represents the state of the property at the time of inspection prepared (date listed on product page) and is made available to you as a guide only. The state of the house may have changed since then. For your protection you should get your own inspection.

In order to protect the buyer, you can perform an OnSite review. It can be done once the house is bought. You go in with the buyer and review the report with them, get them to sign the contract, give them the report and pass on any warranties if you provide any. is free for all, inspectors, agents, buyers, sellers. The seller (your client’s) contact information is not entered on the site, if the prospective buyer wants to get in touch with the owners, they have to contact the seller agent. The seller is your client and none of our business.

All you have to do is go to Log In ‹ Pre-Listing Home Inspection – Seller Inspection — WordPress to add your company and we will set you up on

Here is the knowledge base: Inspector Knowledge Base – Pre-Listing Home Inspection – Seller Inspection

Here is a list of videos that we’ve customize for free to inspector to promote to agents, let me know if you like to have one: and Home Inspectors - YouTube


Great thinking David!

Does this mean you won’t be winning so many of the “QUESTIONS of the WEEK”? :p:mrgreen::wink:

I hope your new businesses work out well for you. :smiley: