Pre offer/contract inspections

We as independent Inspectors are at liberty to pick and chose any inspection parameters we decide are best for us, turn down or accept, it’s your option.


I agree, all those red flags are indicators they are going to continue to try to be in control and jerk you around.

I told both agents if she requires clean underwear I’m not her guy :rofl:
Got an INachi inspector to do it. We’ll see what he says after.


Had a similar one on Saturday. Not as strict though. Pulled up, along with the BA and clients just getting there. BA said we all had to wear mask and gloves inside the house per owners instructions. Not a problem. I did tell the Agent my gloves will coming off at certain times because I can’t do a lot of things I need to with gloves on. All parties were compliant.

The Agent asked if I could find the internet modem so “we” could determine the provider…“whut!!!”…but ok. Looking for it where tv, electronics were located in the main family room, I looked up and there staring at me in the face was a GoPro mounted on a 2’ tripod…recording. I was 10" away face to face, “Oh Hi !!!” waved at it, turned and told those in the room we were being “compliance” recorded. Thankfully we all were compliant at the time.


InterNACHI has an agreement for this type of inspection, but warning!! Do NOT do an inspection without an agreement. Check with your insurance carrier.

I would NOT let them give me a time limit. You hurry and miss something, the Asses will try and hold you accountable.

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This was a great topic of discussion, lots learned and shared, thank you all for great inputs and I believe we have now come full circle, never do an inspection without an agreement and don’t let agents nor clients dictate how you do your inspection.


Absolutely! Well said.