Pre Signed Agreement?

Does a pre-signed agreement really protect you that much?

Or is it something the insurance company likes, but
really does little for the inspector, if you go to court?

Does an agreement cover sheet work just as good?

(I’m talking about agreement text that is a qood quality)

IMHO, since not a lawyer. A preagreement allows for both parties to understand each others expectations. Often problems arise from clients, and service providers, when terms of their agreement are ambiguous. So if you have it writing, there should be little to argue about.

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The way I understand it is that if they have it in advance then they also have enough time to understand it or consult with someone to help them understand it. Consequently, saying that they had to sign under duress (no time) while not understanding has less value legally.

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I think the big thing here is if you don’t have it the insurance co. takes a walk.:smiley: But it depends on your individual policy.

It’s required by state law here.
So that’s all there is to that.

John, they work with people of good faith, but are treated like toilet tissue by many attorneys.