Pre-Test Pricing

I am looking to purchase a bank owned property. Its been vacant for 5-1/2 months. The finished basement walls and ceiling is covered in mold. I have no problem with the abatement (Gut, Find Water Intrusion, Water Proof, French Drain) and refinish down there, but what worry’s me is that the Aqua Dry company that I spoke with told me that if the readings are high on the first floor (Even though there are no visual signs of mold) that I would have to gut the entire first floor also. This would blow the budget. Aqua Dry wants $450.00 to do the pre-test. Is this a good price?? Thanks Rick

Just me personally, but will they be performing any other work, or are they just going to be testing? Just wondering if they will have any interest in how the test comes out. That price seems fair to me though.

Ian, I will be having them break down or itemize all the other areas that need to be addressed that I mentioned in my first post. I only have enough in the budget to redo the basement. If they find that there are too many mold spores on the first floor and they recommend to gut the first floor, I would not be able to purchase the house. There is no visual mold on the first floor except in one closet. I need a mold expert to tell me how bad the situation is. I would be laying out the $450.00 to find this out, before I know how much to make an offer on the house. Thanks Rick

Just because the spore count is high does not always constitute a gutting. Only areas of visible mold or staining should be removed first. If the count is extremely high, fabric items such as carpeting and padding will need to be thrown away. A full visual inspection of the entire home needs to be perform before testing is performed. Any areas that shows signs of water intrusions need to be investigated closely.
Proper mold remediation is not cheap, so make your you get a full assessment from somebody who is certified and comfortable giving that assessment.
If you are in the central Missouri area, I will be glad to look at the house for you for free.

Thanks James, But I am in New Jersey. My brother and his family just moved to St Louis. My sister in law got a job at a main Mastercard headquaters somewhere around there. Thanks for the info. If I can keep it contained to the basement only, that would make me very happy. I will keep you posted as things unfold.