Mold Inspection price?

Hello, I have recently been asked to do a Mold inspection at a local courthouse. The building is around 6000 sqft with a few offices and the main courtroom. I am thinking about how to price this job out and was wondering if anyone has done anything similar. I normally charge $315 avg for a residential property including the inspection and tape samples. If anyone has any input or advice I would appreciate it.

I charge per sanple, a basic home 1 exterior and 1 exterior sample, price is similar to yours, ask how many areas they want sampled

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Thanks, yea I will find out how many they would like. I am trying to give them a ballpark price before I get started. Being that is it a commercial building I think my fee should to be higher.

How would they know? I would make a recommendation and apply a price in writing. I would be specific, what type of test, how many and where.

As far as charging more because it is a commercial building? Maybe. You may incur more cost due to building size and insurance requirements. Those costs should be passed along. But, never forget your competition.


call me crazy, upwards of 70 samples @ $145 each, negotiable in my neck of the woods.
Clearance letter included
Remediation plan if deemed necessary included
Full blown thermal imaging and moisture inspection included