Nick.. You won't believe it

There is a company at the convention that is selling a Certified Pre listing inspection program.
You wouldn’t believe the size of his booth, 15 or more regular sized ones]banners with loads of info, roulette wheel and more, not mention there is never any room in front of his booth, from opening time to closing time, due to litterly 100’'s of inspectors signing up and giving cks and credit cards like you would not believe.

I’ll try to get some more info for you when I get a chance, I did get to hear some of what he was offering for his low one time fee, national advertizing, free marketing galore a lot of other more free marketing tools .


Buy 2… :slight_smile:

Yea, Good idea, or more, since he is discounting them only thru Sat.
I’m sure there’s no way he can handle all of the new inspectors, he’s eventually gotta stop selling them.
Dang the value of them just by holding onto them after he quits accepting new inspectors, could be astronomical… :smiley: :smiley:

Amazing …when they could just join NACHI and get it all free.

From Jacksonville Florida by chance?..:twisted:

I believe that **you are gullible enough to buy 4 or more…:smiley: :smiley: **

Hope your feeling better Dale.
What are you doing here?
Are they doing preinspection commercial now?

I’ll have to see if I can find out tormorrow.
He does have a young cute little blonde :slight_smile: :slight_smile: there taking all the $ss

Looks like you will be buying 6 whether you need it or not…:slight_smile:

Oh Hell go for broke and buy the Baker’s Dozen Special. Maybe you can sublet out to your friends.


I thought THE convention was in February. :margarit:

OK guys Hears part of the scoop.
The booth was packed again, Still working on finding out where he’s from.

R Elliott. It is amazing, I also found out it is also FREE to sign up, just a small fee to become certified, and there is no requirement to join nachi:) :slight_smile:

You all gotta check it out
If I find out any more info I’ll pass it along.

RR… This is THE convention. 6 days of it including pre committee meetings, etc. If you use nicks math when counting convention attendees, there are over 5000 in attendence.:wink: :wink:

BTW. I Had a chance to meet nachos VP. Nice guy.

Sound familiar?

***This was in their statements about what to expect;How much should a home inspection cost?***The fees for professional home inspectors will vary from company to company and depending on the region. It is important to remember, however, that it is the inspector’s experience and ability to identify defects that will ultimately protect you from potential hidden liability. **So they can see behind walls. The services of a veteran inspector with many years experience will undoubtedly cost a little more than less experienced inspectors, but the value of their increased knowledge will greatly exceed the modest additional cost. In today’s market, the cost to repair or remedy a missed defect after contract FAR exceeds the tiny premium paid for the very best in inspection services.
Remember, you are about to embark on one of the largest investments of your life. **Hmmm, If they are buying a Certified Pre Listing Inspection, I thought they already made that investment, or are they warning the consumer that this program could prove to be extremely costly?Choose your inspector with confidence and select one that will be there if and when you need them! CPOL inspectors must have a minimum of 250 Ride along inspections, have been in business at least 2 years, Ah, if 2 is many, then how many are 2 many pass a background check and carry general liability insurance and complete 12 hours of continuing education per year, ***Oh Yeah, staying on top!***along with other requirements. While CPOL checks this documentation when inspectors register, it is your responsibility to ensure insurances, licenses, etc. are up to date and **valid. *So what they are certifying is that the house is Pre-Owned right? What’s so great about this that gets dan so excited, could it be the originality? :shock: ***

***These tools by any chance, Dice and Xray glasses Dan? You meanie, now you got me so scared, I might have to give up home inspections, this guy’s going to change how inspections are done the world over! Man I sure do wish we had someone to think of things like this to help us. :mrgreen: ***

Dan, I’m lost. Why do inspectors have to give their checks and credit cards? You mean it isn’t free like ?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but too bad for non-members that 's features, power, and fee schedule ( is free to InterNACHI members) weren’t also copy-catted :smiley: .

This guy stole this idea from YOU?? :roll: :roll: that helps explain how he has so much money to spend on marketing,and FREE bennies offered to inspectors that sign up, opposed to spending the millions of $s that it would take to create this brilliant program.

Don’t tell me, he’s next on your to be sued list, :frowning: :frowning:
Got an idea for ya. If you sue him, go for 75 Mill, then when you loose the one your being sued for, you’ll win this one, then it will be a wash:D :smiley:

Dan, this from

As for marketing, you might want to check out the sight they are promoting isn’t even listed.

Furthemore, I don’t believe it is even FetchReport-friendly

I’ll let you know if they try to copy-cat :smiley:

Poor poor dan, flamed again by Nick!