I am looking for some type of form (contract) to use in a pre-inspection inspection. I have a customer that want to offer this to his clients but want to have some type of a contract say this is a opinion not a full inspection. It will need to pretty bold.

Any Ideas



Marty, in my opinion this inspection should mirror a typical buyers inspection, at least it does for my business. therefore no need for a different agreement than already in place.

What** EXACTLY** does this mean…?..

an opinion?? sorry but its called a pre-inspection for a reason that’s what it is an inspection.

Good point! What the heck is…?..

well I call them seller inspection was figuring that is what he meant but who knows

Martin, get in touch with Russel Ray, he does what he calls a Walk or sometimes called a Walk & Talk, no written report.

Look here for some past discussion on this type of service

Or… “Pre-Listing Inspections”… but… NEVER assume in this business. Be specific! :wink:

Yep call it a walk and talk or a consultation. DO NOT CALL IT A HOME INSPECTION.

I love Home Inspection Alternatives and so does every CLIENT so far. One Realtor so far did not but F her I do not work for her.

I would do them every day but cannot figure a way to advertise and or sell / make the consumers aware of them except when they call. I always offer them as a low cost and BETTER option than a Written Home Inspection. I give them my OPINIONS which on their own are worth gold compared to facts which can be intimidating to the uneducated. I do not give opinions in Written Home Inspections as they can put your *** in a sling and are not appropriate for the written home inspection. I can fly through them and ENJOY doing them. Much more laid back and never have the Real Estate a s s es asking how much longer plus the client really feels what is important to them is addressed and they NEVER get FLUFF with them.

I need to figure a way to promote them as I know many love them.

How about…Pre-offer consultation?

Great idea. I think it is INSANE that folks even make an offer before any tyoe of inspection or consultation is performed. You would not make an offer on a used care before having it checked out. You would not make an offer for a lady of the night without seeing a picture. You would not pay for a Steak at the supermarket before looking at it. WTF is wrong with people when then buy houses???

I used to do the walk and talk, but it seemed like there were always a million questions and they took nearly the same time as a full inspection, so now, I offer a pre listing inspection, but its the same thing as by buyers inspection.