Home Pre-listing Consultations

Does anyone do a Home Pre-listing Consultation?(not a home inspection) Ie a one hour walk through with the seller -no report. If so what do you use as a contract or bill/receipt and do you list any things you find in some kind of summary?

As for me personally, it is not a valid inspection, but merely a consultation. They get nothing in writing, no pictures, and no contract. I tell them to take all the notes they want.

they simply pay me for about an hour of my time to offer opinions and show them some red flags.

Michael Do you give them a receipt or invoice? I have an agent that wants to pay for them himself how would you handle that?

The client usually pays cash, but if they want a receipt I’ll give them one.

It may be a conflict if the agent is paying for it, though. He’s gonna pay you to tell the client, or him, some of the things that need repaired or corrected? And it needs to be clear to everyone this is in no way an inspection or guarantee that defects won’t be found by the buyer’s inspection. It’s just advice…I guess it would help the agent to sell the house, but there may be an ethical issue there.

I’ve never done one for an RE…Maybe you should consult an attorney. Sorry I can’t be more help…

I am thinking about doing these consultations here as well. What are you charging for something like this?

As much as they can stand, then just a little more…:mrgreen:

Seriously, just figure what you’re worth and charge accordingly. If I’m going to spend an hour, or 1 1/2 hours then I’ll charge about 1/3 of my inspection fee.

That’s the great thing about being your own boss. You can do whatever you want! Charge $15 or $200…it totally up to you…

Yes, I do these and I call them "Walk-through Consultation’. I only do it for the sellers - for buyers, its always a Home Inspection.

There is no contract, no pictures, no written report and just like Michael said, the client takes pictures.

I make sure that the client understands that this is not a home inspection but a strictly visual only consultation. I pull up in my Sedan with a flash light and thats it.

It has not taken me longer than 1.5 hours - mostly 1 hour.

$100 per hour broken into 15 minute $25 segments after the first hour.
Consultation contract on my construction company letter head . Paid on site and receipt given no matter the median… Cash check debit credit.
The simple consultation agreement is necessary no matter what others think, you can be sued for your opinion so you need to be able to defend your position.

That’s my take

Ditto what George said, nearly verbatim.

Thanks George. Haven’t done but maybe a dozen or so, and the legality of it always was in the back of my mind. Maybe a written agreement to say that it’s only an opinion would be in order…

Where can I find a simple consultation agreement?

Hopefully George or Cam can answer, or provide some guidance. I’ve never had one, but will probably just draft my own.

I’d still get some advice from a Lawyer if you have one…

Question George we call the exactly what they are pre-listing Consultation. Now that I read this post I’m wondering since you do place them into a contract-agreement would you be willing to share an example of yours so we can use it as a starting point for our. I agree about the legal end of it and I think is time we put one together since we perform so many. Thanks in advance. If so send me a msg and I will reply with my email…

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This is what I refer to as a Feasibility. Walk through and give an opinion.

I charge $200 and there is no contract. I collect the money up front.
It is not an inspection. 30 minutes to one hour tops and I’m done.
The people that request it seem to think its money well spent.