Prelist inspection surprise

Found these in a prelist inspection - DWH vented under the back deck. Furnace in the bedroom closet. Had to keep the closet door open or the pilot light would go out. I love inspecting in the mountains. Some facinating DYI projects.

Are their “standard building codes” in that area, and enforcement of those codes, if any? If not, how do you know for sure if those are actually defects?

Just trying to make a point.

House built in 1901 - but codes don’t matter - these are safety issues. We do have codes, using 2003 book still - and the AHJ is clueless anyway.

I do not do the code thing.
It is a safety issue and that is how I see it.
They could have placed that furnace somewhere else.
Now with a good report they will have to re install it,hopefully.