Package hvac unit residential NOT on roof

Newby here. I got my first inspection and it’s got a packaged ac/furnace unit outside next the the house. I’m in Oklahoma. These units aren’t as common out here and I assume they installed it because central was added retro. House in built 77. I’m thinking for my first one it could be a doozy with all the bad stuff- vermiculite, aluminum wiring, and who know what else. Anyway that’s my luck. On these packaged units, if it’s rusty after opening panel, should I just recommend an hvac guy evaluate to cover my rear? Also, the chimney doesn’t meet the 3-2-10 rule and I’m wondering what to say about that. Any suggestions for a home inspection virgin?

Roy, using a package unit on older homes when central HVAC is added is quite common in the Tulsa area. I am curious about having one on a 1977 house. Do you have any pictures?

Not yet. Going out at 3. Just trying to get prepared. Have a listing pic here.


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Take it slow, take a ton of pictures and just take it step by step. Package units are relatively simple and I rarely find glaring problems with them.

It’s hard to tell from the picture but that chimney looks like a metal flue pipe, possibly from the original furnace. Might not even be active. If it’s a gray area I usually just note that the flue termination has the potential to cause back drafting given its close proximity to the roof plane, and then note whether that was the case or not during the audit.

Good luck

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Thank you!! I appreciate you very much.

Please tell us that you are NOT going to attempt doing an on-site report!!

(Biggest mistake a newbie can ever make)!!

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Well. I’m an idiot. It’s a heat pump. New in 15. This is not as easy as it looks! Forgot some stuff but only minor. Chimney was tall enough but did have quite a few cracks in cap. Thanks all.

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