Premature wear and bubbling /buckling on new roof

Quick questing for you roof guys. I’m on a brand new house and noticed what appears to be premature wear on the asphalt shingles and bubbling up of the shingles in quite a few locations that I wouldn’t expect to see on a brand new roof. Not wanting to complicate things, but I’m considering having a roofer evaluate. Wonder what you would think.

If that’s a new roof, then there would obviously be a warranty claim for the granule loss. Did you check for nail pops under the buckling?

Hey Brad. Yes I did, and I didn’t notice any nails popping

if you can check weather data during the installation
damp/wet underlayment or shingles will cause what is seen
scuffing could be from installers slipping
it’s common to see this around here esp the warmer it gets

Could have also been cold when installed and the shingles butted up too tight. Fish eyes on a single top layer would not be caused by wrinkled underlayment IMO.

Buckling is the result of asphalt shingles not lying flat due to wrinkling of the roofing underlayment or movement of the wood deck.


That’s exactly what I see in the 2nd pic

That is even seen up here in the summer months.