President & Mrs. Bush - get your sh!t together

Okay, first Laura calls me today to tell me to get out and vote. I tell her “Laura, I early voted, it’s a done deal!”. She doesn’t even stop talking, what nerve. She just keeps blabbing on and on. Finally I hang up on her. That’ll teach her.

About an hour later George calls me to get out and vote. “W”, I says, “it’s a done deal”. He just talks over me like his wife did. Were these people raised in a barn or something? War on terror, need your vote, blah, blah, blah. George you fooker I voted already. I hung up on his @ss too!

Sons-o-bitches quit calling me already. :twisted: :smiley:

I usually ask Laura what she is wearing, but she just keeps on blabbing about voting stuff. Just tell me what color they are! Geez!

tom :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a similar conversation with Arnold recently. Then he sent someone knockin’ on my door to tell me where my polling place is.

I explained to her that she walked right by my polling place on her way up my sidewalk (my mailbox), but thanks for stoppin’ by :wink:

If you can catch them half way up the walk and can get to the sprinkler controls you can avoid those pesky uninvited “helpers”. A police whistle works equally as well for the live callers. I don’t have a solution yet for the recordings other than hanging up. I get a steady supply of Polls asking me the same questions from different politicians all ending in a solicitation for money. Round file materials.

Jeff, you asked Arnold what he was wearing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you kidding? Everybody already knows what Arnie is wearing. It’s just a matter of what color it is today :smiley: