Used to be an American...but now I'm just...

…old and white, if I disagree with our great leaders policies.:(Anyone who went/goes to a townhall meeting does not represent America, according to a young bl–k female political advisor for the Democrats and they/we are just the fringe puppets lead around by Cable T.V. according to Whitehouse spokesman Bob Gibbs. According to what our Secretary of State is telling the world our 2000 election was rigged and Bush only won because his brother was govenor of Florida! Is it any wonder the world has no respect for America, when our own stinking politicians put us down, call us corrupt and make apologies for our past actions? :roll::roll: This is what I call racist and discrimination. Before long this will be just another third world country. :frowning:

The fringe puppets are those who go to public meetings with every intention of yelling, screaming, threatening and preventing anyone from engaging in rational discourse. Ironically protecting and promoting the interests of the very folks who throw grandma and others off the train every day.

Which apology bothers you? That our demand for drugs and the weapons we send south fuels the violence in Mexico. Maybe it’s recognizing that the 8 years of bushian “my way or the highway” approach to foreign policy pissed off the rest of the world and now requires our Secretary of State to let folks know we reject such shortsighted attitudes and are reclaiming our position as moral leader of the world. And doing a fine job of it as well. Instead of remaining the worlds biggest bully.

Maybe what bothers you is that our Secretary of State sits to pee but still has bigger balls then Condi (or her old boss) could even dream off.

A lot of folks question the 2000 election. Because there were a lot of questionable events. But it was resolved by the Republican Supreme Court giving the election to the Republican candidate. Care to dispute that? That same court refused to allow the state of Florida to recount the votes to be sure of the result. Again, would you care to refute what is part of the record? Or is it more that you don’t actually know the public record and rely on others (like leader limbaugh) to tell you what to believe.

Let’s see if you and your folk are being discriminated against because of your race? In exactly what way? Are you being arrested for disagreeing as your boy bush would do to dissenters at his so-called town halls? Unlike President Obama who welcomed and welcomes input from folks that don’t share his opinion. (Again unlike your boy)

Perhaps you’re being prevented from speaking (ranting, yelling, screaming, threatening)? But then that’s the point isn’t it. Even though us liberals wonder who raised you we haven’t stopped you from displaying your lack of upbringing with your rude tantrums. I know. You and those like you are being visited by riders with ropes in the middle of the night because you don’t know your place. Somehow I must have missed that in the news.

Progressives do not believe that disagreeing is the same as rascism as a general rule. You want to talk real facts and reality that would be wonderful (as well as surprising). Not that I really believe that’s what motivates you or any of your fellow luddites. (look it up). But as a liberal I have the belief that intelligence and rationality will win out no matter how long the trail.

You see folks Don has revealed the source of the contention. Many on the left still think George Bush stole the election from Al Gore.

Of course it doesn’t bother them that the FLA court acted stupidly.

Anyone else seeing the humor of those obsessed with Hawain birth records complaining about the way some believe that brother Jeb may have helped brother George in the 2000 election?

Jim, were you OK with the Gore camp fighting against counting military absentee ballots in FLA in 2000?

I thought Gore was acting as ridiculous then as McKenna is, now. I laughed at both who simply could not get over the fact that they lost and the other fella won.

Yeah right! like it has with you. Not! :roll::roll:
i have never even listened to Limbaugh, but as usual all of you fiberals can do is to beat an old dead horse. If the world is owed an apology…it will be for letting idiots like you to hijack this once great country.Why don’t you stop demanding the drugs and maybe your Messiah will not have to apologize anymore.

Somebody please tell Bushwhack that McKenna did not run for Prez! :roll:


Hey, Bushwhack…McKenna did not run for Prez.

There! How’s that???

Oh brother, here we go again.:roll:

Thanks Jae, but I’m sure it will take many more times to sink in. :wink:

You’re welcome…anytime. I just wanna help.:D:D


I miss an occasional bruhaha. At one time, watching the board was the best entertainment outside of Vegas. :cool:

You like Vegas Better than this???!!?!!???!!

Especially when RR was involved in the middle of it…:wink:

RR just hasn’t been the same since he got “married”:roll:

Are any of us??? :p:D

I am not.:shock:;-):mrgreen:


The only things I like about Vegas besides tipsy female tourists, is the seafood buffet at the Rio and In N’ Out burgers. The whole city smells like a big ash tray. :sarcasm: