How long are your poll lines? is an historic day!

It will be a day of FIRST: our first black President or our first female Vice President. But one of the most reported events of the day with be the length of the poll lines and the poor voters who are waitng in them.

So, how long are your poll lines today?

We’ll find out in about 45 minutes. I’ll be there @7 when the doors open. It will be an interesting day in history.

My wife got to the polls at 7:45 and was finished before 8:30. BTW we are back to paper ballots here in Florida which should prevent many of the shenanigans we saw back in 2004.

Remember… If you are a Democrat, vote today early & often, if you are a Republican, vote tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

50 minutes for me. When I left at 7:50, there was no line. They said 53% of my county voted early.

LOL !!!

Joe you are so bad.

No matter what happens, it will all be over tonight! I will wake up in the morning and do what I have to do. CNN the AP and all can spread all the BS they want. Your life is what you make it if you have control and do what you do best. If you worry about what you don’t have or wish you could have,… you will just be wasting your time.

P.S. I think Palin is hot!:roll:

Yeah, that’s why the Polar ice is melting in Alaska! :smiley:

I kept driving by the early voting office seeing lines out the door. I walked in, went straight to the booth and out without any line.

Sorry Joe, I remembered to vote today…early and often.

Are they shaped like BINGO Cards? Hope so! :wink:

I went just before lunch and was out the door in 25 min. But I live in the country.

TN has always been Democratic, it didn’t look that way at lunch!
We will see soon, I guess.

Hope this BB gets back to normal then!

The line was so long, the Poll Workers were fighting over who would get to wait on me!

I had to sign a sworn statement that I have not already voted nor would I try to vote more than once. Anyone else done this?

No… in Illinois they encourage this.


I voted 16 times today. The pay is pretty good too.:wink:


I don’t understand what all these other posts are about, but I can tell you my poll line is 50’ - 20# test. I use a hand crank reel because it more sensitive to the touch. I caught a couple of…

Oh, my wife just explained to me…:oops::oops::oops:so, nevermind.](,)](,)

Have a nice day:):):):slight_smile:

I parked twenty feet from the door, walked up showed my ID, voted and was back at my truck in 6 minutes.:smiley:

The voter next to me was babbling to himself “I thought I only had to vote for Obama - who are all these other people”. Democrats attract the highest IQs. :roll:

Took about 10 minutes this afternoon.

One of the State Assemblymen running for office was outside my voting place as I went in. I shook his hand and told him good luck. When I voted and saw the assembly people to pick from I realised I did not like one of them, so the guy outside got my vote. I appreciate direct marketing.