Pressure question

I had 90psi coming into the house at the main water valve. The bathroom sinks had very low flow and the tub had such low flow that when you tried the shower, water just dribbled out of the shower head. The valves to the sinks were open all the way.

My question is what types of things can I tell my clients when they ask me “what causes this”? (very high pressure- tons of volume - outside, but hardly any water inside)

Clogged aerators/shower heads?

What type of supply in the house? Copper, PEX, Galvanized?

My first place to look also.

But remember PRESSURE does NOT equal FLOW.

Mark…last week I had the same thing, a plumber installed a pressure reducing valve which did not even look like any I have seen. Outside at hose faucet was 80lbs…In the house was the exact problem, no water.

The house was vacant but the realtor called the owner, he came out and adjusted the valve, all was fine.

Mark what year was the home built. What is the piping material?
To many factors to consider.

1999 Pex

Check to make sure that the valves at the PEX manifold are fully opened.