Water Pressure 75 psi .... question

Water pressure test 75 psi at the outside faucet where the house cutoff
is located…right by front entry door…Ran all faucets and baths on the inside
house and flushed toilets…did not notice anything abnormal.

Plumber did come out to the house to upgrade water heater. Installed a
TPR pipe, earthrquake straps and a pan. Water heater was located inside
house in a closet.

The buyers been in the house for a week. She saying water pressure is
low…and really gets effected if water is running in more than one place at
the same time.

Such as washing dishes and taking a shower…

Anybody know what could be causing this …


Distribution pipe blockage? A section of galvanized supply pipe with the bore reduced by corrosion?

A leak?

That photo looks like screensaver I used to have.

Low flow

Galvanized supply pipes. . .

After looking at the picture again, this is probably the best answer so far.

Did you check for functional flow during the inspection? In my states, we are required to. Generally, that means running the shower and flushing the toilet at the same time. If there is no reduction at the shower, then that is considered functional.

did they install a valve at the tank?

“Anybody know what could be causing this …”

Imagination? - had one like that in Connecticut last year. She would take showers at the gym that had a big, no restriction shower head. Just not the same at home.

Any whole house water filters or water softener?

Sounds like the “Commando 450” (Seinfeld episode). :smiley:

Reduction in pipe size is likely the cause. Or too small of a main line to the home. Sellers’ Disclosure?

If it worked fine prior, I agree with the interior corrosion of the galvanized pipe.

Odd, I seemed to encounter a flow problem yesterday myself???

Mineral buildup in the pipes from all the wonderful minerals in our water supply. At least down here in San Diego.

Brian, is that some Arizona prehistoric water that’s spewing out of that shack?? :eek:

Looks like a PRV in the line. Has somebody screwed with it???

thanks everybody

I think pretty much *all *water is prehistoric!

Not enough info. is it public or private? street or well? Average for neighborhood? Size of that PVC? GPM? Air bladder? How long will it hold pressure when off? Pressure at street or well? Volume? It can have good pressure all day long and still have reduced volume. What size pipe inside house?

This could help you with that :mrgreen::D:D