functional flow

What is the remedy for bad flow, if lets say if you turn a sink faucet on while the shower is running and the flow almost stops? The toilet would completely stop flow.


A plumber would need to find the problem before he could remedy the situation.

Is this just limited to the bathroom?

Small lines, low presure.
A tap not all the way open in the line ,like the main feed.
a long run,
A restriction like a kink ,
Galvanised Pipe and it is amost closed inside.
Many reasons ,

Both upstair bathrooms were weak. Pressure at the main shut off was around 70. Welcome back Dale.

Pressure is not the reason it is a restriction or too small a pipe with along run.
I have a pressuer reducer in my home and only run 45 lbs but am close to the supply and have 3/4 feeding the home .

Hi Dylan,

If mains pressure is around 70 psi I would suspect partially blocked supply pipes. On older properties ot is not unusual to see both copper and Galvanised Iron piping that is very restricted by scale build up, also some newer homes with poorly filtered well systems will fur up quickly.

BTW, for reference, you will also loose around 4-5 psi per floor of rise as well, so if your supply is at 70 comming in you should expect to see 65 on the first floor, 60 on the second, 55 on the third and so on.



One atmosphere for every 33 feet or about one lb for about every 2.2 feet so Gerry is very very close at 5 lbs.

That makes my head hurt :mrgreen:

5lbs per floor, I can wrap my head around… (kiddin’ ya Roy…:smiley: )

I do not know where it comes from I am loaded with much trivia and it just comes out .
People look at me at an Inspection and say WOW! you sure have a lot of knowledge.
I say yes and much of it is useless and this gets a chuckle.

Hmmmmm… sounds a lot like " Reccomend further evaluation by a Plumber with remedy as necessary", to me Dale.:stuck_out_tongue:

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