price and termite insp.

Help me here guys. I am just starting in my home inspection business. Today an agent called me for a job. She had a short sale and claimed to have a guy to inspect and include a termite inspection for$ 275.00 I agreed to go down to $250.00 explaining that as an inspector I can identify and reccomend treatment. Im not sure if Florida has any special qualification for this (Termite). At the end of the conversation she still made it sound like the job was mine if I came in at $200.00 The house is 2650 sq. ft. of living space. I felt like she was just trying for a cheep price. I Declined, however I still dont know how to price out a job. Ive been told .15 per sq. ft. This will put the house at $390.00 ANY ADVICE

$390 would have been much more reasonable - not including the termite inspection. $250 is rediculous!

And at $200 you should have laughed at her.


OK then is there a formula for pricing?

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thanks bro


The Real Estate agent is pulling your leg and trying to get you to work for nothing!

In New Hampshire…$390.00 for a 2,650 SF home inspection WITHOUT a termite inspection is about average!

I am a Certified WDI inspector… Termite inspections alone for a small home are around $275- $350.00
{The legal liability is tremendous and even Certified WDI Inspectors are sued on a regular basis!}

The majority of my Home inspections range from a low of $350.00 to $850.00 or higher.

I agreed to go down to $250.00 explaining that as an inspector I can identify and reccomend treatment.

Unless you are a CPO or work for a CPO you cannot do this. You are asking for a hefty fine if you get caught doing your own termite inspections in Florida

WOW…most WDO around here are $75.00 all day long!

In a Florida real estate transaction, licensed termite inspectors supply the mortgage company or the title insurance company with a certificate, only a licensed PCO can supply this certificate.

Advice, advice? Back to school.

thats exactly what I thought ! And now Im sure I dont need to deal with this agent. she is full of it. I am new at this but my gut instinct was right. Thanks for the feed back. I just did some math and I think .15 X the square footage is a good place to start pricing

Thanks again

And make sure you have a minimum fee $$$, say around $250.00. After all, all homes have the same basic systems whether 500sq/ft or 5000sq/ft.

Ex… $0.15 x square footage = $$$ ($250.00 minimum)

“I’m not the cheapest inspector. My prices are competitive and in the middle. If you want the cheapest inspector you can find, I’ll tell you who to call. You’ll get a franchise who sends out a 20 year old employee who’ll complete the job before the dishwasher finishes running. He may miss major structural issues that could drag YOU into court once the buyer discovers it and takes out his anger on the person who referred them to an incompetent inspector. Do you have a pen handy to write down this number?”

Sounds like my ASHI competitors here in Rhode Island, 7 page report and two of these pages are the WDO forms,and I’m not joking.

How much more do you need, really? :-k