How do you determine how much you charge for thermal scanning. My fee is based on square footage starting out at $398.00 for a home at 1100 square feet and $678.00 for a home between 3200 and 4000. Few homes in my area are over 4000 square feet. This fee is the same with or without a complete home inspection.

Clients don’t hesitate when I tell them my fee’s but I wonder if my fee structure is way off, too high or low?

Hey Vince. you need to charge what you need to charge.

Most home owners don"t understand what they are paying for. but take your word for it. like do you question the guy at the taco shop about the price of his taco’s. no. you just look and say. i will take 2.

Charge what you will. its you company. you pay the bills. kind of like what ever people will pay.

Thats my 2 cents.



Vince -

If few houses in your area are over 400 sf, what do you use those bigger $$$$ fees for and what do charge for the homes under 400 sf.

Are your homes mostly condos - 400 sf seems a little small.

reading his post… I assume he meant 4000 sf, not 400

I do believe that is the key, Vince. :smiley:

400?? :shock::shock:

Sorry about that.