Pricing Commercial Roof Infrared Thermal Scans

I’m curious to see what other inspectors are charging for commercial roof infrared thermal scans. Are you charging by the square foot, hour, or quoting each job individually? For example 20+ year old 53,000 square foot modified bitumen flat roof system. If charging by the square foot or by the hour, what rates are you guys charging? Thanks.


I believe most Thermographers charge by square footage, but put a minumum fee on the project.

For example:

I charge 2,500 for an ITI Roof Survey up to 50,000 square feet. Any roof larger than 50,000 square feet, would be .05 p/square foot.

I know there are others that charge less, but you have to remember that these surveys are conducted at night and require a least two people.

You could charge anywhere from .03 to .10 p/square foot, which really depends on your particular market. I’ve had a few recent ITI Roof Surveys and none of my clients flinched at my pricing.

Hope this is helpful…



What is this service that you call a commercial roof infrared thermal scan?

Is this a part of a whole roof inspection?

It is a specific Infrared application to detect latent moisture in an insulated or built-up roof.


Thanks for your help Kevin! Your new commercial ITI website looks great!