Pro-rape crowd loses another one: Chicago ends gun registry after 45 years! Yeah!!!

Leaving women with little more than their fists and screams as their only defenses against bigger, stronger attackers is the sickest type of sexism.

Meanwhile Aldermen just passed a bill allowing a $1,500 fine and immediate impoundment of your car if a McDonald’s wrapper flies out your window.,0,828767.story

We sure picked a good one in Rahm (little Dancer)

Maybe Rahm needs to insist on a similar law for gangs not policing their brass.

More laws make us safer, right?

Running out to do a certification on a home scheduled for demolition by the city in one of the worst parts of the south side.

All these speed cameras and anti littering laws sure make me feel safer.

Now where did I put that can of mace ?

You sure got that right!

A handgun is a big equalizer!


Chimpcongo is a ****ing hell hole. I don’t know how you can live so close to so many horrible excuses for human beings!


Chimpcongo’s pitiful authorities DO NOT WANT TO CONTROL GUN CRIME!

As long as they allow it to proceed OOC they can keep pushing their false arguments for MORE GUN CONTROL to the sheep that are so stupid that they don’t know what is good for their own survival against the thugs!:roll:

What a horribly disgraceful city which chooses to try and disarm lawful citizens while they fail to prosecute felony gun crimes by vicious piece of **** THUGS!

If I never go to Chimpcongo again, it will be too soon!:twisted:

You say Chicago is a hellhole? Just because they prefer gun control? That’s an ignorant statement. Try visiting the city for once…it is beautiful. Chicago probably has more to offer than the whole state of Florida.


Saved just to show members here that no matter how many people are ‘banned’ or ‘quit’… we still have our share of dumbf-u-c-k racists on the MB.


I’ve only been there about 40 to 50 times, Jeff. And I have family there and in Lake Forest. You and they can have it and continue to live in a f’n NANNY STATE!:stuck_out_tongue:

You seem like a typical backwards “Redneck”
Just stay in the swamp and we will all be happy.(keep in breeding)

Florida is where people go to die.
Chicago is where innovation and invention take place.

F you, Bob. What does redneck have to do with believing in the right to be able to defend oneself and family?

Gun control works really well in your area, right? The thugs go around raping and pillaging and murdering and the good people are not allowed to protect themselves.

How many murders so far this wkend?

Good luck with that can of mace while you’re getting beaten to death by a drugged up street thug.

Why not just come out and say Nigga you racist bazturd.

How many you shoot and kill defending your family so far ?

It’s all in your sick head.

At least it’s safer than Miami and Fort Pierce, so much for gun control. And the majority of people in Chicagoland speak English. :wink:

My chances of becoming a victim
in Fort Pierce 1 in 87

**Fort Pierce Crime Data

**3 **(100 is safest)

Safer than 3% of the cities in the US.

**Miami Crime Data **


**3 **(100 is safest)

Safer than 3% of the cities in the US.

Chicago Crime Data


**8 **(100 is safest)

Safer than 8% of the cities in the US.

Politicians have a good motivation for making up Chicago cr-p and even Nick falls for it.
They want to make Obama look bad .

Pretty obvious to the non hick crowd.

Like every major city there are pockets of ghetto and there are safe areas.
The above mentioned Hick goes to Lake Forest which is not even Chicago…lol

Think the Hicks have anything like this …

I go all over and except for tax hungry pols the people are great as is the city.
We have more to do here in one weekend than you can find in the nowhereville Pete lives in all year.

He can keep watching “doomsday preppers”.

Bob…I think ypu hit the sore spot mentioning redneck. :slight_smile: I had already saved his PC intelligent remark about the population that counts for a third of the makeup of Chicago.


I hear ya and if everyone was white people like him would then pick on religion or hair color.

Some of us look for difference to pick on as a reason for our own failures while some of us see what it is that makes us all the same humans.

We are both right as you create your own universe in your own head and some simply live in hell.

I love Chicago, especially the pizza. And now I love that women in Chicago have better access to the tools (that’s all guns really are anyway, tools) they need to protect themselves. I know I sleep much better with my AR-15 next to me and I’m 220… well…more like… 230 pounds. Men who are pro-rape (pro-gun control) should try to imagine being alone in an apartment at night knowing that you might have to wake up and defend yourself against someone who is twice your strength, 10 foot tall, and 400 pounds. That’s what it must feel like to be an unarmed woman. I can’t even imagine. Male lawmakers who try to maintain this advantage for the attackers of women are the worst types of sexists.

what the hell is wrong with being a redneck? I wear the term** proudly**!

I’m not racist (though my county is like 94% caucasian), but I’ve always been a hillbilly(redneck).

That means I can hunt, fish, build a cabin, improvise, or even fight when I need to. Maybe “redneck” should be changed to “survivalist”…