I Love This Little Girl... And so will you!

How many of you have taken the time to teach your kids the important things in life that they will never learn
in school?

Here is a video that should warm your heart and show
you that all is not lost in America.

Pay close attention to the pride and excitement
displayed by this young girl as she completes a task
that would horrify her public school administrators but
make our Founding Fathers smile from above…



That is Great.

How are you liking the E-mails from Ed?

Informative! And, information is good.
He does sound like the Lone Voice in the Wilderness, at times.
I’d like to see more of a centrally located, national source, also . . .

What is heart warming about an elementary age girl knowing how to quickly assemble a fire arm?

I have no problem with this, I just don’t understand what is precious about it.

I love it.

Every woman who doesn’t own a firearm, contributes to rape.

More guns, less crime.

I don’t think I could pull that off anymore!

My hat is off to her.

What is so special about this?

They tried to have a mandatory Gun Education Program in all TN schools to be supervised by the TN Wildlife Resources Agency. The left liberals who want to disarm America raised holly cain. The program was to teach kids that guns kill. Not so they can kill (they will figure that on out on their own if they are so inclined), but to reduce accidental injury/death when one encounters a firearm.

If a rapist lost his gun from a kick in the balls and a victim got the gun and didn’t know what to do with it…?

I had a neighbor ask me to come to her house and unload her husbands Glock 9mm. She jacked a round when an intruder came to the house (local kid lurking after midnight). Her husband was deployed with the Special Forces in the “sandbox”. She was afraid her 5 yr old daughter would get at the gun before her husband came back from deployment. Buy the way, he never did make it back alive!

Her husbands gun was locked and loaded with the safty off and 14 more in the magazine. My daughter had been babysitting on numerous occasions while this thing was “laying around” under her bed…

If you can’t see past this potential issue, you probably won’t see the zit on the end of your nose.

And I’m from Massachusetts (not Texas)! The land where they propose no hunting, mandatory 1yr sentences for law abiding citizens, and to control deer population by trapping all male deer, giving them a vasectomy and release them to the wild (as if the hunters have been able to remove 100% of the male deer population!).

I am not making this up…!

Blaming women who don’t carry firearms for rape is akin to blaming guns for murdering people. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Incidents of rape, murder, car-jacking, etc. likely would go down if conceal-carry was more prevailant. But it is completely abhorrent to blame the victims of such crimes merely because they chose not to abide by the extremist NRA ideology that every individual should exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to the fullest extent.

Rapist cause rape, end of story.

We live in a society with other fellow citizens and so we all owe it to each other to each carry our fair share.

Killing rapists isn’t how rape is deterred (although that works). Most rapes aren’t deterred by brandishing a weapon either (although that works too). Rape is deterred by rapists not being able to determine which women are armed, and which women aren’t.

That means that the women who walk around or who stay home alone unarmed are enjoying greater safety… provided by women who are armed.

We don’t need every woman to be armed all the time… we just need enough of them to be armed some of the time to provide the deterrent that protects them all (statistically).

Any woman failing to do her fair share is, in part, responsible for all violence against women. It is reckless… like driving around without your seatbelt on.

Gun control is to leave women with only their screams and fists to fight off more aggressive, criminal, attackers who are on average twice their size and strength… and is the worst form of sexism.

The Second Amendment doesn’t force anyone to own, use firearms but it gives them and them alone the choice. With that said, do not own or keep one unless you know how to use it safely and effectively. Two taps is all it should take. Usually if the first round does not find its mark the second one falls short because criminals generally being cowards and deliberately choose what they perceive to be easy targets will turn tail and run most of the time once they hear the round going off or the heat of the lead going past their head. If a woman shoots and kills a rapist, we know for certain that HE will never rape again. Self protection and prairie justice exercised by a law abiding citizen trumps the civil liberties of the criminals amongst us.

We keep loaded handguns and never once has one jumped out of the drawer or its hiding place and killed any of us. My wife and I both were brought up around firearms, both for hunting and recreation shooting. Her Dad was a World Class competition trap shooter and a gun builder and gunsmith after he retired from heavy construction. If kids are trained with and about all aspects of firearms, weapons then the mystique of firearms is lost and they can learn easily to become responsible around them. More children are drowned every year in half filled buckets and the backyard swimming pool than killed by firearms.

If a few more rapists got their Johnson shot off or found themselves TU upon breaking in a home or grabbing a woman, maybe more of them would think long and hard about doing it in the first place. When this happens you never hear about how a gun saved a life but if someone gets killed accidentally by one it gets front page news coverage.

Nice posts here, guys!

I just bought a pre 1964 model 94 Winchester. I bought it in the state of Maine where they have you fill out a questionnaire, one of the questions was " do you intend to harm anyone with this firearm ". What a joke!!! I bought this gun at a large dealer on the Maine/NH border and the guy said gun sales have gone through the roof since the election.
I just got of the phone with one of my best friends and we’re going out target practicing tomorrow, can’t wait. Next purchase for me will be a Walther.

Im with you Nick. What are the chances that this little girl is even going to get picked on in high school, much less assaulted. Her daddy is teaching her well, she can hang out here with my girls anytime.

Yas, a Walther is nice, Pete . . .
I have a PPK, been in the family over 40 years. If that’s what you’re considering, bear in mind that a .380 may have a tendency to tick someone off before stopping them. Additionally, my PPK is somewhat bulky and heavy for concealed carry; if I need to be going with something that small (vs nothing), it would be my Kel-Tec 380, which is much smaller, lighter, and can be carried easily without a “footprint”.
Next step up is the Kel-Tec 9mm, again due to its size (& 11 round capacity) is easily carried (in my case, in a DeSantis ankle rig).
Real stopping power comes into its own when the calibers get into 40 & up; I have a couple 40’s & 45’s that fill that bill nicely, but are not always the best choice while inspecting.
Bear in mind, should you be considering a Glock, the real “safety” is between your ears. That’s true with all, but even more so with Glock.

Nick is 100% right on women and guns. Just before the end of the year they released a statistic here that about 16% of the population in South Dakota has a conceled wepons permit. It is much higher than that in the western part of the state. Just by coincidence I can’t think of a safer place to live. Or is it coincidence? We also don’t have shootouts between all the law abiding gun carriers either. Both my wife and I carry about 90% of the time as do most people I know. Criminals know it. An armed society is a polite society.

Yes Russ, I was looking at the PPK .380. What’s the price range on the Kel-Tec? The PPK is about $525.00

Russ the new PPKs are about 22oz, not sure if your referring to the older one you own or the newer version.

Ahh, no experience with the newer ones, Pete!

Right about half of that.
Neither is really a “target pistol” although the 380 & the 9mm Kurz (short) have been traditional police arms & “pocket pistols” in Europe during the Cold War.
Both have shorter cases than the standard 9mm, and thus develop less energy. As such, they have lighter leads (95 to 110 gr) than standard 9mm’s (typically 124 - 140 grain bullets).
Given a choice between a larger 380 (PPK), smaller 380 (Kel-Tec model 3AT) or small 9mm (Kel-Tec model P-11) I’d go with the P-11 ($325). None are target pistols, all are “belly guns”, but that is exactly their purpose.
There are even newer models out there (Type Kel-Tec 9mm into a Google search), including a single-stack 9, which is obviously thinner than my double-stack magazine.

This was the headline in the paper this week where I am vacationing…