Saw these pipes in the attic. They terminate in the attic. Not sure about them.

vents 001.jpg

Were there bathrooms below?

Was there a kitchen nearby. Possibly the exhaust over the range.???

Is that flexible duct?

My inspection method is to turn on all bathroom vents and kitchen vents (the ones that exhaust to the exterior) prior to the attic entry. That can help determine where those ducts terminate (often there is no duct and the fan is simply covered with insulation–you have to hunt to find it and the noist helps).

At any rate, it looks like bathroom vent exhaust and if it terminates in the attic, that is incorrect.

Trying to be tactful, but the time to determine what these vents are is while you are at the house. You should have tried to figure out what was below that section of the attic and done a little bit of investigation. By the time you get home it’s too late for anything but guessing.

I like to eat a lot of beans before an inspection…

RiP a good one in the wash room and turn on the fan…:D:D:D

You’ll find it… Just kidding;-)

Terminate in the attic? - Are they capped or just open at the top? Does the house have a basement? Is there a radon system that this might be connect to?