Problems with design and construction of basement foundation walls

… vast majority of foundation wall problems have been caused by excessive lateral SOIL pressure against concrete block walls resulting in extensive cracking and inward movement…
(as J Mann has witnessed in NJ, this is what we have repeatedly seen, dig?)

  • basement foundation walls for tens of thousands of houses built in NJ grossly violate code requirements per lateral soil pressure, even houses built in the last 20 years numerous major violations have occurred

-numerous architects have failed to perform proper design of basement foundation walls

-too many code officials have essentially failed to perform proper plan review of foundation wall design

yeah too many building inspectors have ‘passed aka okayed’ permits submitted by waaaaay too many interior drainage system companies who never identified the causes of foundation walls cracks, bowing of wall and leaky basement as in following videos… fact is, they CREATED more holes on the exterior of these block basement walls which allowed MORE water in basement and as one can clearly see they did not waterproof the existing exterior cracks

inside same basement, some tuckpointing and painting was done, aka lipstick added to the inside walls to make it APPEAR better, nearly $25,000 spent before we what has always been needed for just under $9,000, scammers, frauds

Danny O’C, beer cans guy, hey… do you SEE the SCAM? lololllll of course he does

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