Foundation wall anchor plates and ledge walls plus more crap

This home inspector gets-it, see the wall anchors lol $$$$$

here’s Woodsie basement INT system telling you to install wall anchors lol
What about the exterior cracks in wall and water penetration through the wall and the lateral pressure that caused the problems? Nah, don’t worry about that

apparently an engineer, shows us a bowed in basement wall with multiple EXTERIOR cracks in wall

he does say, lateral soil pressure causing the problems… you win a cookie for that.

1:10 he claims the repair is using carbon fiber… lol

What about the exterior cracks in the wall that are allowing water in basement, sheesh

What about the soil pressure (roots etc too?) that he said caused the problems

Just slap some moron carbon fiber straps on inside huh? looolll

Know what i see? More of what is in following article…

Fighting mother nature is futile. There mere mortals stand no chance.

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