Bowed in basement walls and leaky basements

first 2 vid’s , they don’t ‘get it’ = incompetent, yes they are. Why the moisture meter? One can SEE the efflorescence and moisture/water problem. And as usual, they are going to install an interior system when the actual existing problems and ONLY FIX is on the outside

the water gets IN the block from, on, lol the outside so installing junk on the inside will NOT stop the water and salts from continuing to get into the blocks, will not stop the efflorescence, hll no!

engineer supposedly, pilasters installed, walls bowed in and apparently what he and many others do not understand is, there are multiple exterior cracks in the basement walls, that is where water, insects etc enter and so AGAIN lol, he recommends doing crap INSIDE, well that is not going to reduce, relieve any soil pressure acting upon the exterior walls nor remove any possible tree roots of settled concrete slabs etc that also can help push these block walls in and cause exterior cracks

Home inspection, bowed in block basement walls, BEAMS were installed and some dork tuckpointed etc the cracks in walls in basement, on the inside lollll, that does NOTHING sheesh people.

at end of video HI says he recommends a structural engineer come take-a-look/further evaluate, okay i heard n understand the HI BUT, what if the homeowner gets an engineer like the one in 2nd video above? yeah same old bs.

Again, there ARE exterior cracks in these walls man and that is where is the water first enters and need to remove the soil roots etc OFF of the walls, waterproof the many cracks on the exterior

U S Army Corps of Engineers, “We also observed reputable engineers’ design solutions that did not alleviate the settlement and/or LATERAL PRESSURE problems…”

J Mann, “There is much incorrect and misleading information on various websites about this subject…”

“Step cracks block basement walls can also be an indication of excessive lateral SOIL pressure (pushing inward)”

Photo 2, “Step cracking in block basement wall, cracks were caused by excessive lateral earth pressure due to height of backfill (yeah keep adding soil n raising the grade), and saturated soil conditions. Pressure from TREE ROOTS is also likely contribution”

so yet again, installing supposed fixes INSIDE a basement does not remove, reduce any lateral soil pressure, tree roots, settled concrete slabs etc PLUS, bowed in walls DO have exterior cracks in the dang walls man so there is ONLY one means to fix, repair, waterproof these exterior cracks and it is NOT from inside any basement

Dec 5, 2017 complaint
One minor crack in foundation wall. Determined the entire foundation was in good condition.
Prior to that, prospective buyer had contractor look at foundation, representative of large firm presented buyer with written proposal to ‘repair’ foundation by installing 39 helical piles, at a cost of $52,000… filed complaint against firm and representative consumer FRAUD…


Man, what a wall! But, I am sure you did them right, Mark. :+1:

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