Propane Gas tank bonding

Is this propane gas tank suppose to be bonded ? There is a bond wire that is next to the tank but not connected to the tank. There are electrical outlets within six feet of the tank.

The tank does not require bonding, but the piping within the structure does.

However, the tank does require specific clearance from the structure. I don’t know how big that tank is, but it’s certainly close to the structure.

Thank you Jeff for your comments, appreciate your help. Happy Inspecting !

Where would you find the required distance from the structure for the tank? I do not see that many up this way but there are a few, much larger than the one pictured though.

Page 44 may be helpful or check with local propane company.

For cylinders and smaller tanks (under 125 gal) there are no clearance requirements to the house, but there are clearances to windows/openings (generally 3’ or 5’) and ignition sources (generally 5’ or 10’). The greater clearances are for tanks filled on-site. Also many consider receptacles a source of ignition.

Attached is an NFPA clearance diagram. You can also view the 2008 NFPA 58 (Referenced in the 2009 IRC) online by going here …


unknown disconnected bond would get written up

below is the graphic included in report when tanks are on site, so the new owner doesn’t think of relocating for aesthetics or other reasons without knowing approved locations, we never know…