What distance must a buried propane tank be from a residence in Texas?

Not sure if Texas supercedes these requirements, but I found this:

Good question John. I would call the local Propan supplier and see ehat they have to say. :smiley: Let us know what you come up with


It will be AHJ dependent. I could find no references by the State of Texas listing any specific distances. Individual AHJ’s might have their requirements and reasoning. However, most will defer to NFPA 58 for ASME tanks. You can find a good graphic of NFPA 58 requirements, with distances above and below ground here

Is this in relation to a specific issue?

FYI! It appears Texas has adopted the 2008 version of NFPA 58

I suppose it would depend on the size of the tank to some extent. Anything over 500 gallons must be at least 10 ft. away from the structure. No expections or mention is made about above ground vs. under ground. Smaller tanks must be 10 ft. from any type of ignition sourse such as AC units, electrical boxes, etc.

Great link and Drawing Emmanuel, thanks. :smiley:

The Texas Railroad commission regulates propane and they use the references provided.

I was inspecting a large home with a large propane tank and was unsure on requirements. I only see propane once a year. I always depart from the propane supply inspection and defer to the supplier who is regulated by TRRC.

Thanks all for the help and Happy New Year.