propane on a gas dryer?

The dryer has the label indicating the conversion kit (electric to gas) was installed to allow natural gas supply ot dryer.

A propane tank is supplying the dryer. I would imagine that this would require a separate label indicating appropriate for LP use (like a heating unit would), but none is present.

Am I right that this is a) a defect and b) potentially dangerous? Or is it ok in a dryer if the natural gas conversion kit has been installed?


I would call it out as being unsafe and lay the liability on the gas supplier to verify the correct orfice has been installed for the unit.
Regards Bill

Thanks, for the quick input, Bill.

I did mention the conversion and that a specific conversion for propane may be required. Check with manufacturer and/or licensed professional to determine if the current connection is appropriate.

The Orifice for natural Gas and Propane (LP) are different in size. The Burner is not interchangeable without the needed modification.

LP conversion Kits for Natural Gas appliances come with a label (to be affixed to the unit) to identify that the appliance has been converted to LP.

If the Appliance is labeled as Natural Gas and is presently connected to a LP source, you need to report the condition as an unsafe operation and recommend further revirew / repair.

Thanks, Joe. I will modify the report to reflect that information. I knew that it was true of heating units, I did not know about dryers. I appreciate the help!

An electric-to-gas conversion kit? I’ve never seen one but it sounds interesting. I’m wondering why one didn’t just buy a gas dryer to begin with.

Something else I have come across are the Vent-less Dryers. The model I saw was an LG.

Here is an example of other types:

Mostly because the existing service is gas…buyers are bringing their old dryer which was electric.

Are you sure ??? Didn’t think - don’t think it can be done , electric to gas, it would perhaps cost more than a new gas dryer ? got me on this one - to google I go

I didn’t find anything… Somebody prove me wrong please, think about the inside of a electric vs. a gas dryer , makes no sense to this old guy

You may have hit on something here Kevin. I have re-read the label on the dryer and nowhere does it indicate a conversion to LP - it just says gas. That, plus the unused 220 outlet immediately next to the dryer, lead me to believe it was an electric to gas conversion. (LP has to say rated fr LP, doesn’t it?)

But nowhere dows it say electric to gas conversion. And I cannot find any corroborating evidence… notice also the clever lack of any info about the installer of the conversion kit…

Something is not right.


I think the answer is that electric to gas is not cost effective and, hence, not done (at least that’s what my initial research shows).

So, I was wrong about my inital guess about what the sticker means.

However, what we have is an improperly labelled sticker for conversion from natural gas to LP. Since I suspect a homeowner install, I think I will recommend evaluation of the installation anyway.

Thanks for everyone’s input.

Perhaps it was LP to Gas ???

There are no natural gas lines to the home, just a propane tank out back to which this is connected.

Oh I guess I misunderstood, well must be the other way around, gas to LP

Here is one example of the labels provided by the manufacturer for the LP conversion kit.

On label goes on the door opening at the front.

The red label is the one placed at the rear of the unit adjacent to the gas line.

Samples of LP labeling.

Thanks, Joe. The red one is the one I have encountered before and looking for that (as opposed to the one that is present) is what threw me off this time.

That’s exactly what I was thinking, Kevin. Electric to gas just didn’t make economic sense, even if the dryer was a gift from grandma before she died at the age of 121.