Proper Drain Venting??? Please HELP! (posted by Mary)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by Mary (from St. Louis, MO 63139). [/ASKNACHI]We recently got a home inspection and the report came back saying… “improper drain vent connection below floor and trap crown at kitchen sink drain - repair needed at this time, vent connection must occur at or above trap crown.” - Then, the “Un-vented “S” trap needs to be vented at Kitchen sink drain” box is checked.

What does this mean? We need to buy a vent connection and install?

You should call the person that did the inspection and have them explain it to you. Apparently the trap is not vented properly which can cause the water in the trap to drain and permit sewer gases to vent through the drain and into the kitchen.

Here’s a link to a picture of a p-trap and air admittance valve.

These valves are used when it is not easy to vent through the main pipe through the roof.