Sink trap and vent

Please confirm my thinking here. Kitchen sink drain trap is improper because it is not directly under the sink. Tail piece is too long. Then as I was reviewing my pics I noticed something I should of noticed at the inspection. The drain is not vented. The original vent pipe has been disconnected from the drain. You can see it in the basement pic (galvanized pipe on the top right). During the inspection the drain appeared to drain properly but that may be because of the long tail pipe. Just need confirmation on improper trap and venting.
1st pic- under sink, 2nd pic-basement, 3nd pic- vent pipe through roof.

I’ve seen plenty unvented “sink” drains (kitchen or otherwise). Is that a requirement?

My kitchen sink is pretty much like your picture (minus the basement p-trap part, my p-trap in under the sink).

It drains directly to the waste line with no vent.


Maximum vertical is 24" and yes it should be vented.

Use an AAV if allowed in your area.

Could us an AAV or hook it back up the the existing vent.

Mike answered it.
No more than 24 inches.
a vent must be within 15 ft of the fixture or a undersink vent can be used.

Apparently you don’t have a clue.

Well clue me in. Are you saying that’s not a p-trap in his photo or that I don’t know how my own plumbing has been gerry-rigged up?