Property Condition Assessment Blank Template

Anybody know where to find a standard PCA template ??

If you are looking for an ASTM E2018 I am not sure who has one of those. The full Nachi COMSOP is available from Home Inspector Pro in both a short and long version. They come with the program.:slight_smile:

Thanks, have ASTM and NACHI Sop, have done my walk thru. Now I need to write report and looking for a template. I’ve seen what looks like a standard report out there when i google, just wondering if standard software, or who’s ??

I did one not long ago and used the HomeGuage Commercial Inspection template.

Here we go again! Love it.

Ditto…I use HomeGauge also, and made an ASTM template.

Dominic has it at HIP. Link at bottom right corner of

Other legal documents/agreements are in Free

You should also join the Commercial Inspector Network. “Join” link at bottom right of Free

Your the king Nick.
I need a PCA