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I’m having plumbing issues at a home that is leased out and that I manage. In the past two weeks there have been 4 leaks in the piping. The house is built on a concrete pad and so far all the leaks have occured above the pad. In repairing these leaks I have seen that there have been previous repairs in the same areas. The original plumbing is a pex piping. I have a short piece with the following markings:
“6 - 96 - 2 - QEST - 3P ----------------PEX - A”
The leaks have all occured in the middle part of the pipes and not at the fittings. The tubing is translucent, rather brittle and has visual cracks running throughout. Is this stuff defective? Do you have any information that might be helpful?
Thank you,
Walter Charnley

Is there a possibility that rodent activity could be taking place in these areas? You could email me the picture and I can then place it on the message board for you if you would like. Just send me a picture at

Based upon your statement that “The tubing is translucent, rather brittle and has visual cracks running throughout”, you need to have a licensed plumber evaluate the entire system as it is failing, or you could say it has already failed (4 leaks in 2 weeks).

Who performed the repairs to the leaks? A qualified plumber should have advised you of the need to replace the system, whether it is a ‘defective product’ or not. Perhaps your ‘handyman’ is not as valuable as you think.

I understand you are “only” the property manager, and it is your job to save on expenses, but how much will you be saving when the entire system fails and causes major losses to the property and the tenants personal belongings, especially when it can be proven that you knew of the problem and did nothing to prevent further damage?

Just sayin’.

You may wish to explore the possibility of rodent damage. Also, if the tubing is exposed to sunlight this can cause problems, as well.