W Central FL Chapter of InterNACHI meeting on Pools and Decks in Riverview, March 20.

Pools and Decks at West Central InterNACHI Chapter.

Sounds good …I’ll be there!

I’ll be there , if I own’ll knew where ?

Click on the link in Nicks post…It will take ya to the web site where you can register to attend…its free this time.
Its at a sports pub near fish hawk…all info on the site

I want to thank Nick for all the handouts outs for our March 20th meeting…

Also - NICK …
Just a suggestion…
When members " click" on Chapter"
It would be nice if there were a list of actual functioning CHAPTERS listed with the respective contact information.
As it is right now…when you " click" chapters…it takes you to what appears to be : Current Events: Not at *ALL *actual CHAPTER events…

I personally would like to know just how many ACTUAL chapters there ARE in Florida.
Especially since OUR state has membership which (last I checked) exceeds National members ship of other associations.

We had a great meeting with 35 inspectors in attendance. Unfortunately the acoustics were lousy - we will pick a new meeting site for the May 15th meeting.

Several inspectors drove a long way to attend our meeting - we are taking steps to conduct at least 2 more formal 1 1/2 day mini seminars / meetings to make the drive more worthwhile for those who are out of our area. We will most likely work with inspectors in the north and the south to pick sites.
If you would like to have a meeting in your area - I will be glade to help you.

Thank you Nick for all the handouts.
Although we did not have Gerry B there to cover the up to date SB 648, we managed
to go over the last revision. The bill was not heard at last session - so its on the April 7th agenda along with SB1330 and all others.