Proposed Mandatory Kansas Radon Testing

Looking through the Kansas legislature bills today, to keep up with sunset of the HI laws, I came across this. Now some group wants mandatory radon testing of homes before they sell. Which helps us radon testers, but why don’t they then do the same thing with inspections?

Is it a good thing?

Does it say that the testing must be done by a home inspector?

If the house just has to be tested, they could be tested by the builder or the owner by getting a kit at Home Depot.

Then there is no need for a home inspector to offer this ancillary service anymore.

I frequently see these government mandated orders that simply destroy our businesses. The health department and other such agencies end up providing free radon testing (for compliance) and your radon testing price schedule goes right out the window!

I try not to mess with radon anymore because I get three emails a week advertising “free radon testing”. These folks can have it!

Yes, many questions remain. RELO companies offer free radon kits and mitigation after the client moves in, bypassing all rules, laws, and regulations. Free kits can be had right on the Kansas radon web site. Government in action…or non-action.