Radon Rip-Off

Heard a cute story twice in past few days from several different sources.

According to the story … A large KC real estate company really promotes the crap out of 2-3 inspectors. As the story goes, either a seller OR listing agent questioned the results or validity of a radon test. Was told that for whatever reason, the Kansas radon board pulled records of tests by 2 of these inspectors and they may not have calibrated their monitors in a few years. Then so the story goes, the big RE Company was being required to produce records on all inspections done over past couple of years by their little home inspection darlings to recheck their reports for ???

Sounds weird as heck, but story has surfaced from multiple people … NOT all REA’s

Any local inspectors heard bout this??


There are many radon companies here in KC that are not following Kansas Radon testing protocol. Record keeping, calibration of equipment, letters of instructions not left at the home being tested, are just some of the violations. Radon laws did not take effect until July of 2011, and perhaps they are just getting around to the violators.

In my opinion, radon testers who also do radon mitigation is a large conflict of interest. I have heard that some companies do radon testing for free, and then install the systems to make up the money lost in testing. Electronics can be programed, damaged, not calibrated, not placed correctly, etc. all to give false high readings.

Dan, I have heard the stories also, but cannot find who the companies with the problems are.

The REA offices/brokers should be responsible to the REA’s who recommend sub-par repair persons, low-cost inspectors, free radon testers, free termite checks, etc. to home buyers. REA offices should be the ones who set the bar high for any of these trades persons to service their client/home buyer to the best of their ability.

Gary so far several agents said they’d heard this BUT not who the inspector(s) were; which exact office it was; etc; etc

Nothing at my end either.

It is sad that many REA’s and office brokers do not step in. And, they are not the ones paying for inspections, testing, termite, etc. It is the buyer/client. Not one dollar is being spent from the pocket of REA’s for recommending any inspector, trades person, or exterminator. But they continue recommending these sub-par people. Simply amazing.