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If you really want to protect your rights become a card carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union

Conservative Critics

The ACLU’s most vocal critics are generally those considered conservatives. Many of these conservatives allege that the organization has not dedicated itself to the defense of constitutional rights, but that it seeks to advance a liberal agenda. Some critics base this argument in the ACLU’s opposition to capital punishment. The ACLU maintains that the death penalty is contrary to the establishment of international human rights, that it violates restriction against cruel and unusual punishment, and that it denies the guarantee of equal protection.

**Conservative critics also argue that the ACLU has been inconsistent in defending civil liberties equally, citing the organization’s hesitation to protect gun rights. **The ACLU declares itself officially neutral on the issue of gun control, pointing to previous Supreme Court decisions to argue that the Second Amendment applies to the preservation of a well-regulated militia, and “the possession of weapons by individuals is not constitutionally protected." In 2006, the ACLU Texas joined with the National Rifle Association to claim that current legislation allowed for the harassment of gun owners, but continued to maintain their public neutrality regarding the issue of gun control.

The organization has also come under fire, mostly by conservative critics, for fighting against Megan’s Law, a law ostensibly enacted to protect children from sex offenders. Though the ACLU has opposed Megan’s Law for reasons of privacy violations, the organization has been unable to attain significant victories in these cases.

You are aware, aren’t you, that one of the founders of the ACLU, Roger Baldwin, claimed that the avowed purpose of the ACLU was to bring COMMUNISM to the United States by completely changing the Constitution.

And that’s well under way.

The Anti-Catholic Litigation Unit has perpetrated more “hate crimes” than any other institution.


The Anti-Catholic Litigation Unit has perpetrated more “hate crimes” than any other institution.