Deadline is today!!

NRA (National Rifle Association) dues increase goes into effect at midnight, just a heads up!:cool: They are the premier defender of our Second Amendment rights.

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I guess you’re right, I am writing a report.

NRA lost my respect after they killed a bill this year that would keep know terrorist on the watchlist from legally buying guns.

The NRA killed a bill to keep catholic clergy from buying guns?

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I’m already paid up for several more years.

I signed up for lifetime today. The second amendment is for everyone.

You mean the bill that would deny the Second Amendment right to U.S. citizens without due process as guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment, simply because some politically motivated bureaucrat put them or someone with a name similar to theirs on some secret list?

Anyone with any respect whatsoever for the Bill-of-Rights and the personal freedoms that they guarantee would be opposed to such a bill. I certainly would oppose it and the SCOTUS would almost surely reverse any such law the first time it got challenged, if it made it that far. How could the NRA not oppose something like that and stay true to their mission of protecting our Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms?

This is why Politicians like the poorly educated: their perceptions are easily manipulated and they lack the ability to challenge what they are told.

Chuck is correct. Remember, they can put you on the terrorist watchlist without due process.

or perhaps some secret wingnut society??

The terrorist watchlist is full of errors: