NRA Membership

Is there any benifit to being a member of the National Rifle Association?

I was contacted by them this evening and it got me thinking. I never considered it before.

The benefit it in promoting the right to bear arms. Without folks like the NRA, who knows what the nutjobs in congress would do.

I’m not a member, but would like to be. Just never can seem to afford it.

It is only around 20-25 dollars a year. I am a paid up for Life member so I have not paid “dues” in many years but often donate to legislative action causes from within the organization. One advantage is you will know weeks or months in advance of when crap is coming down the hill from the nut cases in Washington. There are several monthly magazines you can chose from as a member. If we ever lose the Right to Bear Arms under the Second Amendment, the other Rights will follow shortly behind. Ask anyone who has ever lived under a Communist / dictator. One of the first things they do is confiscate all weapons.
Interestingly, USA Today is running a poll, you all like polls, and so far 97% believe the 2nd Amendment is for individuals’ right to keep and bear arms.

The NRA wants to increase their numbers in order to have more clout.
Get your free NRA one year membership here.

I just joined NRA.

You just got added to the Homeland Security Terror list.
Congrats for being a right wing wacko…!

You were probably already on it, but you now have an
extra star by your name…

Bushart is watching you…:shock:

I signed up all my kids so he could watch them too…:mrgreen:

DUCK>>>>>>>>the bushy bandaro’s are watching your every move.



I’ve been a member for years. I hope that they reduce the benefits I receive and instead use more of my $25 to fight the Gun-control/pro-tyranny/pro-rape crowd.

Don’t forget the Pro-Death crowd.

They need as many members named “Brady” as they can get!

Another right wing wacko mobster inciting violence.
Where do you people come from?

Look at how crazy these right wing nut jobs look.
(tongue and check)

Everyone should join the N.R.A. They fight for our freedom. We lose the 2nd amendment, what stops the goverment from taking the others?

Is that a trick question?

No sweat… SnitcHart has already made sure I am on it! I believe I am known as the,“Buckwheat Bandit” :mrgreen: The only gun I’ve got is a broken Crossman pellet pistol. Hmmm…I wonder if the NRA will insure it? :wink:

You should also consider

=D>Refreshing to know we are not alone!

The NRA was originally created as a training organization, and even though I think their politics are a little wishy-washy, they have a very refined training program.
I’m an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, and in addition to the NRA Basic Pistol class, I also teach the Firearms Safety Course (CCW class) that people in MO have to take to apply for their concealed carry license.
I also support the GOA and the JFPO.
Historically speaking, the right to bear arms is the first one people let slip away. Usually, in the name of being of being ‘civilized’…
The others follow shortly behind.
Read a history book.

Congrats on your new membership.

What Andrew said.

Been a life member for many years. Great magazine every month. NRA is a great advocate for the Constitution. Support them. If you can’t afford a life membership they will finance it for you. And besides, Ted Nugent is on the board.

Me too. :smiley: