Protected glass on non impact door

I performed an inspection today that had a non-impact door that was glazed. The homeowner has tracks installed on the door for storm panels. The glass is protected but the door is non impact. How should this be addressed?

Some building departments allow this, however Citizens frowns on this and considers the door to be an unprotected “glazed” door unless the storm panels cover the entire opening. If you ask me, I would consider this to be an unprotected NON-glazed door, but I don’t write the guidelines.

I agree. I am pretty sure John covered this at the seminar last year. The entire “opening” has to be protected. Of course, one may find themselves trapped in their home…

For the 1802 the opening must be protected not just glazing in an opening. Attaching shutters to a door that may blow-in is not a proper way of doing it. The shutters should be attached to the structure.

If someone needs a point of egress there are other options in shutters/doors.

Shutter must cover the whole opening, from structure to structure

I count it as a protected glazed opening (if the storm panels had compliance markings/documentation) and an unprotected non-glazed opening.

Well, then you would be incorrect.

Citizens does not allow this anymore (or they just figured it out recently)…other carriers may not have caught up to this. So the correct caption/selection is “Unprotected Glazed Door”. Protecting the glazing does NOT make it a non-glazed door in their eyes. They won’t even accept a retrofitted, approved impact glazed insert in a door that was not tested with both items together, and you have docs to show that. In summary…protect the entire opening to get credit for it.

Actually citizens always had the right answers. It was ID that had it wrong. I had many meetings trying to teach most there how to review a report properly. Good thing they are now part of the preferred inspector program. Not one I would put my license on