Protimeter Surverymaster

If anyone is looking for a used (but not used up :p) moisture meter, let me know I have 4 (did some wheeling and dealing and just got newer ones) Anyways, my kijiji post is here:

I’ll put up $50 US via PayPal toward one of these for Jim Horton InterNACHI Brother Needs Some Help.

If we can cover the other $100 through other members will you cover shipping?

I’ll commit the other $100.00 via PayPal.

Good Deal John! Let’s split it in the middle.

Stuart - Are you up for this? If so invoice us or tell us what account to send the payment to.

I’m up for this for sure!–terrible tragedy :frowning:

paypal funds to I will send this out next week to the address listed in that post (we don’t have weekend mail in the great white north)

Thanks Stuart - I just sent you $75

Me too.

Happy to partner up with a fellow Houston guy - Thanks John

Awesome job guys!

A good deal all around. The Surveymaster is a good moisture meter and Stew, that was a great price!

It’s like quoting home inspections–if they get snapped up too quick I always think “dammit I knew I should have priced that higher…”:smiley: These will go out this afternoon…