Protimeter Surveymaster at Discount Price

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Hi everyone, I have been in contact with a sales rep at GE, they make the Protimeter Surveymaster moisture meters. I inquired about a volume buy of 50 surveymasters. If I can get 50 of you guys to commit , he will discount the meters 22% off list. List price is $549 so 22% off is roughly $120 which would leave you with a cost before postage of $430.00. The way this is usually done is Protimeter would ship all the meters to one location and they would have to be remailed or distributed from that point. If you are interested in this please email me. Right now I am just gauging interest to see if we have enough takers. My email address is Thanks, Steve

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Anyone considering a moisture meter should think about this one. I have had this meter for a few years now, and where as many of my gadgets stay in my bag, my surveymaster is in my tool belt for every inspection. Its great for determining active/inactive leaking on ceilings under bathrooms, staining on ceilings near outside walls, (ice damming in winter), in attics near chimneys and other flashing. If your inspecting a 50 year old home in the attic near the chimney, stains are a given, but you have to be able to say with confidense, whether or not they are active or old stains with the cause long since repaired… Just remember to check your tool bag when you come out of the attic, crawl, etc., cause at $450-$500, this isn’t like writing off a screwdriver you left behind.