Purple stuff

I found this ‘purple’ colored staining in the corner of a basement wall of a 1940’s home. There grading/drainage on this residence is improper with signs of moisture penetration into the basement (not active at time of inspection), and the basement wall has surface spalling. This ‘purple’ stain is localized in one corner of the basement - any thoughts as to what it is? Mold? Thanks in advance…


I would write it up as “Strong indication of mold presence and staining” and recommend further testing for verification. Offer to do it and get a swab test from one of the labs for $30.00 and charge accordingly for the revisit and lab test results. Say $175.00 extra?

I would use the term potential “biological material” and recommend a mold inspector if you do not do them. They should know the porper protocols for sampling and reporting.

It appears to be mold fungus, some of which is colored purple, often seen on vinyl floors in bathrooms and kitchens. Advise them to find and fix the source of moisture intrusion. If it were my house I’d clean it up or get rid of it.

What I would recommend also…fix the source of the moisture.