Puyallup Training Facility/ SPI training

Anyone else from NACHI attending this training at the new Puyallup facility?

Structural Pest Inspector and Pest Management
Professional Hands-on RecertificationTraining
**April 17, 2007
**8:00 – 8:15 **Welcome & Introduction
**8:15 – 9:00 **Brief Overview of Legal Issues
**9:00 – 9:15 **Break & Facility Orientation
**9:15 –10:55 **Facility Inspection
***(3 instructors inspecting 3 zones - exterior, interior & attic,
*10:55 –11:00 **Return to Allmendinger Center
**11:00 –12:00 **Reports, Diagrams & Roundtable Discussion
Payment must be submitted with registration forms.
Payment: **Pay with check or MasterCard, Visa; WSU does not accept purchase orders. Faxed registrations require
MasterCard or VISA payment
. Registration forms without payment are not processed until payment is received. *CV#
is the last three digits located on back of card.
***Early Registration: **Registrations postmarked 14 days prior to the course, before April 3, 2007, will be considered
early registrations at $100. Registrations postmarked after April 3, 2007 will be charged $125.
Cancellations and refund requests can be made until **10 days prior **to the program for which you are registered.
The registration fee, less $15, will be refunded ***if requested before ***the cancellation deadline. **After that time,
course fee is forfeited.
Transfers/substitutions **are accepted anytime, call 509-335-2830 or e-mail pest@wsu.edu.
**A confirmation letter **will be sent confirming the date(s) and location(s) for which your are registered.
Persons with a disability requiring special accommodation while participating in this conference may call 509-
335-2830. If accommodation is not requested in advance, we cannot guarantee availability of accommodation on
*Extension programs and employment
are available to all without discrimination.
***Structural Pest Inspector
and Pest Management
Professional Hands-on Training
Course Registration Fee
**On or before April 3, 2007 = $100.00
After April 3, 2007 = 125.00 **Total Amount Due = ______
***Mail registration form and payment to:
*WSU Urban IPM & Pesticide Safety Education
PO Box 646382
Pullman, WA 99164-6382
Phone 509-335-2830 Fax 509-335-1009
Puyallup SPI and PMP Hands-on Training
Course# 999 ������ April 17, 2007
***Payment must accompany registration.
***Make payment to: ***Washington State University
***������Check ������ Money Order ������ Visa ������ MasterCard
Number CV#
Name on Card
Signature Exp. Date
Mail entire page for each registrant.
*WSU Urban IPM & Pesticide Safety Education **does not
**accept Purchase Orders.
***Presented by Carrie Foss, Washington State University Puyallup and
Dr. Dan Suomi, Washington State Department of Agriculture
Come see
our new
Structural Pest
IPM Facility
**Office Use:

The facility has on open house on the 9th.

Puyallup Research and Extension Center


Structural Pest Management
Research and Demonstration Facility


*World Class.
Face to Face.

The new Structural Pest Management Research and
Demonstration Facilityis part of the Washington State University
PuyallupResearchand Extension Center’s commitment to protecting
the environment and human health. It is the only facilityof its kind in
the western United States and provides hands-on training for
structural pest inspectors and management professionals to learn
about pest problem identification and mitigation.
The facilitywas constructed and financed by a successful
collaboration and partnership between Washington State University,
state and local agencies, and Puget Sound businesses. It will provide
lasting benefits to Washington citizens, protecting investments in
buildings and homes, improving structural safety and reducing
impacts on water quality as better home inspections minimize the
need for pesticide use.

Please join us for the GRAND OPENING of the new
Structural Pest Research and Demonstration Facility
at the Washington State University Puyallup
Research and Extension Center
7612 PioneerWay East

Date: April 9, 2007
Time: 3:30 PM Tours
4:00 PM Formal Presentation
4:30 PM Ribbon-Cutting and

RSVPby Apri/6, 2007: 253-445-4577

The WSUPuyallupResearch and Extension Center is located on
PioneerWay,just west of downtown Puyallup. For directions, log on to

Here’s a link for those Washington Inspectors interested in Training and Testing for their SPI License. You can find the schedule of the next two day (weekend) class, looks like the last one was in Feb., another should come up in May or so.


The class on the 17th is a recertification class which might be interesting, but for new inspectors the two day class is the best bet, and a lot better and less expensive than ITA’s or other courses offered, although the one in Bellinghoam is supposed to be pretty good.

State sponsored education and a training facility that offers hands on training, all for $200 and $25 worth of training material. All part of an Evil Plot to Intimidate people from becoming Home Inspectors.

Ya, Lewis I attended my continuing education for evil Washington SPI training today, …for my regular brainwashing. :slight_smile: Now I am better prepared to coerce other non SPI’s into going over to the dark side. :)…inside joke for those that do not regularly follow the Wa SPI debate.

No… but really WSU has a good training facility and I think we will see lots of good training come out of this facility. The instructors are true professionals and know the business inside and out. Worth taking the time of to attend.

Anyone interested can follow the link that Lewis provided to WSU’s site where they will be updating course offering information.