Washington State licensing??


I became a licensed IL inspector last year. I have done some practice inspections to get my feet wet. I was planning on getting up and going next year, however it looks like we may be moving out to Eastern WA. From what I can find it looks like I would need to get a Structural Pest Inspection License. Is that so? How hard is it to get?

My IL license is up for renewal at the end of this month. I don’t see a reason to renew my license for $400 if I am not going to be here in January. Correct?


If you’ve already had it then you have it as a credential already on your resume and there shouldn’t be any reason to renew it before you move, as long as you don’t practice after it expires.

Yes, you will need to get your structural pest license. Fortunately if you go to the Dept. of Ag. website you can learn what you need to study and get the materials through the mail.

Welcome to Washington! :slight_smile:

The Washington Structural Pest Inspectors License is only
$45. To find out if any of your licenses from IL are “transferable” call
WSDA at 877-301-4555, some Pesticide Licenses are reciprocal, where you wouldn’t have to take the Washington State Test, but I’m not sure about the SPI, IL is not on the WA State list of reciprocal licenses. Give WSDA a call don’t rely on us 'Barracks Lawyers" on this board.

Some day even Wendy will get her license.

Lewis, I just pushed you over into the green. Before that you had been slightly unhelpful!

Should have known. I can’t even give out good advice without you saying something derogative. Sigh…

Should have known. I can’t even give out good advice without you saying something derogative. Sigh…>>>>.

“” Yes, you will need to get your structural pest license""

What good advice did you give Larry" Avising him that he needs to get a license that you don’t have?

If you read this Larry, here’s a link to the SPI Requirements in WA:

Did he know that? No. So you are taking someone who is not biased and trying to create a bias.

I was trying to support the law in my response to him showing my current focus and my goal is to get the license as well. I’ve even stated on here that I am not currently practicing in support of the law. But you don’t know how to do anything except drag down other people.

You know? I just talked to someone about how the inspectors in this state don’t seem to work together, and I’m including you since you’ve included yourself in our business, and how they see each other as competition rather than finding a way to cooperate for the better good of all. This involves not looking for ways to tear each other down, but rather be supportive.

I hope you can learn to do that some day. Thanks. :neutral:

Thanks for everyones help.


Damn Lewis, you were into the green so briefly! Now you’re back to slightly unhelpful.

For the Good of All, what crap coming from you.

Here’s an example, the numbers are very similiar for Western Washington, in the Spokane Area there are 19 NACHI Inspectors, only 3 have the Required WSDA SPI Licenses, ASHI ano the other hand is almost the reverese of these numbers. How is the failure of those of you who refuse to get your SPI License an example of cooperating for the “Good of All”? All members of ASHI have to do is bring up those numbers when talking to Realtors or potential customers and the Credibility of ALL NACHI members including me and all the other licensed NACHI Inspectors is damaged.

In your Fairy Tale world you might not believe that business’s compete, but in the real world that’s the way things are done. I cooperate by refferring other LICENSED Washington NACHI Inspectors when I can not schedule an inspection myself, and I cooperate by following the laws of the State and the NACHI COE, as any member should expect others to do so.

When you and the other NACHI Members in Washington State decide to get your licenses and quit damaging the credibility of NACHI and therefore my business, then talk about the “Good of All”

I’m sure Dr. Dan Suomi would be interested in those stats. That is a pathetic showing for NACHI. Only 15.7% complying with the law and not following the NACHI rules about complying. Are they all practicing? Maybe some aren’t active. I agree that it contributes to a bad reputation for our organization.


Yeah, someday I’ll probably be “Voted Off the Island”, funny I thought I was 'Slightly helpful" in both my posts, in one I gave Larry the phone number to call to get the information, not opinions, that he wanted and in the other I gave him the Link to where he could read the WSDA Requirements, I guess pointing out that Wendy, who still refuses to get her SPI License, wasn’t too reliable of a source must not have been seen as “Slightly Helpful” by Wendy and her White Knights. My Heart is Broken

Tell you what Lewis. I would be willing to bet that so little of your business comes from, or should come from, you crossing over into another state that you should just stay out of this state’s business. If you didn’t see the need to cross over into someone else’s territory then maybe you wouldn’t have to stress out so much over what other people are doing.

As to the rest of what you posted? Total crap Lewis. None of it is true. You are the only person I’ve seen those numbers from and only when you insist on trying to justify why you are barging in on other inspector’s territory. It’s not working.


I started to check the numbers of Western Washington NACHI Inspectors and they were running about the same, but there were way too many and I didn’t have the time to compete my count.

I used NACHI’s “Find an Inspector” and compared the names to those on the WSDA list of Licensed Inspectors at:


I agree that some may be inactive, but we know that some like Wendy and Dennis are Active. The Names of those who are not licensed should be removed from the NACHI Find an Inspector List until they have the Proper License, they make all the rest of us look bad, and some are even offned because I bring that lack of Licensing up on my Website and in my Marketing materials, not by name or organization, I just advise potential cusomers of the Washington State Requirement and tell them to make sure their Inspector, who ever they choose, is Licensed, and then I give them the link so that they can check.

Some of the HI Businesses in Eastern Washington can’t be found on the WA Dept of Licensing site or on the site that Lists all LLC’s so I don’t know how they will get the letter that Dr. Soumi is sending out to all Home Inspectors explaining the views of WSDA and Home Inspections…All of the ASHI HI Businesses were listed although a couple were expired…Thsi doesn’t make me want to wave my NACHI Flag too high, in fact on my new website and in my new marketing materials NACHI will be much less prevalent.

Come on Lewis Wendy has made 4000 posts and I think I saw where she gave help a couple of times .
she has tried to drag me down and my wife to when I agreed with another HI who disagreed with some thing she said . I guess she will again have another go at me as I have agreed with you . She has not made a hit on my Marks since 3;00 am this morning. You can expect me to be out of the green shortly. Thats the Wendy way…

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member who tries to help all

You’re dreaming again Roy.:roll:

And the truth bothers Wendy BIG TIME, she goes out of her way to get at any who say things about her .
Roy Cooke

I could be wrong, but I think I was asleep at 3am.

Just to bring you up to date it was you who replied to a post I made to lewis. 3:00 am my time is different to you I would think it is midnight your time. Wow I guess you have used up all your votes today I am still green . Roy Cooke

Or you could be wrong about who votes you down.:roll: