Puzzling roof structure

1950 brick home with addition at back (year unknown) with skylight for center kitchen at the middle.
These pictures are just a taste as I took lots and still wonder how they did this.
Any thoughts at all are appreciated.

Second picture is at front attic looking towards skylight walls and last two are inside the flat roof section(addition at rear).
Talk about a lousy skylight location.:slight_smile:



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Just finished the report.
79 pages.
Half of them use the word Structural Engineer.:wink:

What difference does it make “how” they did it. Did you find anything wrong with it?

I was hoping you could tell me that.
This is some kind of puzzle that does not allow good viewing of beam ,floor structure and rafter interaction but check out the couple pictures I posted so far and notice how they are supporting framing with nails through wedges in the rear attic shot on the old tile and check out the 2x4 structure for the skylight support buildup .You need to look at the ends.
I am thinking they may have added additions to this smaller size home twice.
The sheathing was so thin that I was bouncing and it was splintered from underneath.Many issues with sistered wood and uneven floors at basement level also with an unlined gravel crawl at the addition that was vented to the basement.
Think I need at least 20 more pictures and a sketch but it felt like a maze with the kitchen centered over both sections.

Should be a post under the ends of that steel beam.
Shingles should overlap the roll roofing.
Not good quality framing, but looks like it’s been there a while. I’d disclaim it anyway and and recommend a contractor. Engineers tend to foam at the mouth when confronted with this sort of thing.

Thanks for the response Kenton.
I recommended a Structural engineer just based on the fact that it was to difficult for me to imagine the whole thing interacting and I did not even post the pictures of the floor structure in the basement and crawlspace under the new addition (yes old).
I admitted to my client that I had no idea about the design and that I recommend inquiring into past permits also.

I’d go with an enginneer too just so I could wash my hands of it. We don’t see much stuff like this in my neck of the woods because the construction is newer. If I reccommended a contractor I would end up with a phone call from the joker they hired asking me what I thought was wrong and what I thought would fix it. Even if the structural end is OK (it’s not I just ain’t getting into it) that skylight in that location is crazy and the downside intersections at the sloped sections need crickets.

Just wrapping up another one with new addition related issues and a rear attic /crawlspace area with no hatches.

Sorry Bob, just saw the post.
I see that it was a long report. :slight_smile:

Hell of a mess. Can’t make heads or tails of your situation there.
You are right. Hell of a place to install a skylight.
Transition between the two gables at the valley ain’t right either.
Wonder what they were shoring up in the attic for where those three 2x’s are?
I would have recommended an Architect that has in house structural capabilities.
You did good with a report that long.
My longest was 69 pages and was a disaster.

Just finished 79 page on this one with only rear attic access gained by sticking camera through sheathing opening over the old roof(yes same deal) :slight_smile:
also crawl space had no opening other than below spa tub.(arm down but image blocked)

Unconventional roof framing recommend evaluation by Competent Framing Contractor. Also recommend a permit search and a review of all plans and specs for the roof/room addition.

There you go Bob, probably saved you 30 pages…

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