PVC air vent - Oil Tank

First time for me to see a PVC pipe for the air vent for an oil tank-indoor
Has a proper cover on outside portion. I can see the obvious reason for the fill pipe to be non PVC, but I dont really see a problem with the air vent pipe being PVC.
Any ‘codes’ not allowing that, and what reason for not being the proper material if not allowed or recommended for that fact. BTW it is glued at the fittings.

This is one I found via google… Roy


Unfortunately, there have been a number of tanks incorrectly
installed with plastic fill and vent pipes; plastic (including PVC)
pipes are not suitable because they will burn, and (more
important from our point of view) because the become brittle in
cold weather and more likely to crack while tanks are being

Found the same as Roy:
nfpa 31

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 5.09.29 PM.jpg

Pipes can burn?? Do we have to change all the drain and vent pipes to all the plumbing fixtures??
I will advise them that PVC is not acceptable. Thanx.

It is wrong / defective.
Recommend that the tank and associated piping be inspected and compliant with the current Company, Local, State and / or Municipal requirements.


You have not stated which State that you reside…

In Pennsylvania, Most Oil Delivery Contractors will refuse to deliver if this condition is found and/or is known to exist.

Thanx, will advise them. BTW. NY