PVC Foam Core DWV Piping

Any plumbers out there that could help me in researching this type of pipe in Commercial applications.
Can this type of pipe be used under concrete slabs in Commercial use?
This is a not for pressure pipe.
This pipe was used by a residential Plumbing Contractor hired by a client in a tennant space of a building I am working on.
This is commercial retail space.

All our plumbing that was used is all schedule 40 PVC 7000 series.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi Marcel,

If you haven’t already found this, this may help.


Personally I wouldn’t use it, but many contractors do due to its price point.



Thanks Gerry.

At least this one says it is designed for both Commercial and Residential use.

I don’t think that any Mechanical/Plumbing Engineer would spec this type of pipe for Commercial use.
Then you have Contractors that come on a spec job that we build and use a material that cost half as much. No wonder they got the job.
Our Plumbing Contractors Price was to high to do the work.
It was also observed that the vent pipes under the slab were only 1-1/2" in lieu of our standard 2". I don’t know if that is a code or not. The Code Officer approved the undergound as it was.

Just makes me wonder sometime.

Thanks again. :):smiley:

Makes me wonder ALL of the time Marcel :wink: