Rigid PVC in DWV

I saw a piece of grey, 1/2-inch, rigid PVC as use in the drainage in a crawlspace. It’s a short piece, less than a foot. Can rigid PVC be used in this application? I understand it’s normally used in electrical conduit, and that it’s a little rougher than normal PVC. The section is part of the drain system so it’s not under pressure or being used for potable water. My thinking is that it’s a mis-application of the product, but doesn’t compromise the drainage. Am I right in this line of thinking?

That pipe is not approved for DWV. Short answer is it’s incorrect.

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That would be a call out.

FWIW, it’s all “rigid”, but is a different schedule and has different ASTM ratings/approved applications.

That is an electrical PVC.
No go for sure.

Yeah, it ain’t right but personally I’d be more concerned about the galvanized pipe. It’s most likely leaking somewhere.

Oh, and cast iron also. Most of that around here is leaking.

It was 10 minutes to quitting time on a Friday afternoon. Done. :+1:

Good explanation of the differences of electrical PVC and DWV PVC here;

Hey guys, I appreciate the feedback regarding the various forms of PVC and conduit. I did inform the client of the discrepancy and recommend repair. This was a pre-listing inspection.

Paint it white so the HI does not see it.

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If it didn’t say conduit on it one could assume it’s sch. 80 PVC pipe and all would have been good.

how is simon doing tonite? :smiley: Hope every thing is good. :smiley: